Healthcare Communications

Healthcare Communications

No industry today faces as glaring a spotlight as healthcare. No industry faces as many challenges. No industry presents as many opportunities. We have provided strategic communications, business development and marketing support to healthcare organizations ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to hospitals to strategic organizations. Our services include:

•    Product launches
•    Market research
•    Media relations
•    Marketing communications
•    White papers
•    Brand development and alignment
•    Messaging
•    Crisis and critical issues management
•    Trade show strategy
•    Marketing plans

We handle issues management, including regulatory issues, fraud and abuse allegations, M&A activity, discontinued products and product launches.

Case Study: Center for Health Transformation

Introduction and passage of the Accountable Care Act of 2010 ignited a debate over the cost, quality and accessibility of healthcare in the U.S. One of the results of that debate was to turn the spotlight in healthcare information technology as a tool for making American healthcare more affordable, more accessible and better for more Americans.

Our client, the Center for Health Transformation, a think tank created to inform that debate, hired Chaddsford Planning to produce a series of white papers on how technology could do just that. The papers provided a guide to major healthcare IT initiatives that could be used to improve outcomes. These included healthcare analytics, accountable care organizations, and health information exchanges.

Working under tight timeframes as the ACA bill made its way through Congress, we interviewed healthcare informaticists and doctors from both the provider and payer sectors. We then produced the documents which received widespread circulation during the debate.

The Accountable Care Act, signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010 recognized the role that healthcare information technology will have to play if we are to truly reform our healthcare system. Our white papers helped inform that law and provided guidance on the way forward to a better healthcare system.